mother of two and plank seller almost electrocuted at the same time in lagos

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Two residents, Bashirat Rauf, a mother of two and Sodiq
Saka of Araromi Quarters in Ketu, Lagos State, were both
electrocuted when fire engulfed a school nearby.
Bashirat Rauf was said to have rushed out of her apartment
when she saw fire burning from a cable in a nearby school.
She reportedly decided to quickly pick her children who
were playing outside in order to avoid being engulfed by the
fire unfortunately, she got electrocuted in the process.
Meanwhile, 33 year old plank seller,Sodiq Saka, was said to
have gone to fetch water to put off the fire in the school
premises when he saw flame coming out of their compound
and he got electrocuted in the process.
According to Mr. Saka Imam, The father of late Sodiq,
“As a Muslim, I have accepted my fate. There is nothing I
could do to bring the dead back to life. “We…

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