The Tiv people are the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria. If the Hausas are counted separately from the Fulanis, the Tiv people will be the third largest ethnic group. 
The Tiv people in Benue, Nasarawa,  Taraba and other states gave Buhari a block vote in the last election. 
President Buhari has refused to appoint a Tiv man in his government. No Minister,  Ambassador, DG, Special Adviser etc
President Buhari should come out clear and tell us the reason for this. We demand to know why we are treated this way.

Tiv leaders should also comeout and tell us what they negotiated with APC/Buhari before the election and why we are now treated like foreigners in our country.
I am saying this because we the Tiv youths are not happy. PMB and the Tiv leaders should tell us what is happening. 

Like a goat that is pushed to the wall, we want to know who to bite. 
~injustice is the forerunner of violence~ by STEPHEN AKUMA


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